Monday, March 10, 2014

Cotton and Chintz.

I've been waiting for the cotton chintz to arrive at Somerset and it did when I was there on Friday. I am making Karen's quilt which is on the front of the 100th edition of  the Quiltmania  magazine and here is a photo of mine. In the centre is the Chintz Tree of Life panel surrounded by a mixture of  Dutch Chintz fabrics and cottons for the hexagons and bordered by Petra's new cotton chintz.

Another item that has been finished is the last border for my Coxcombs and Stars quilt.

and the last item that has been sitting waiting to just be stitched together is Block 7 for Lori's quilt. Just as bright as all the others.

I'm away with the 'girls' next weekend. First a class with Di Ford and Margaret McDonald on Saturday at Threadbear in Castlemaine and on Sunday a visit to the Applique quilt show. I'm thoroughly looking forward to both.


  1. Ohh was it yours...beautifull...
    When I saw this by Karin..I became..hyper..and take a look in the store from Petra for a Chintz...;0)...and gess ???
    Have a nice day..
    (sorry my English is not so good to write)

  2. Wow, beautiful work, Dorothy! All of these are projects I would gladly do :-) I bet you have a great weekend - what a fabulous lineup you have ahead of you!!

  3. Wow, I am as always amazed with how much you do and how beautiful it turns out! The new fabric from Petra is so beautiful used by you, enjoy yoyr weekend out, look forward to see many pictures! Hugs

  4. Gorgeous finishes, Dorothy! Enjoy your weekend away.

  5. Wonderful projects. I am envious of your wonderful weekend away, have a lovely time!

  6. I am salivating over your C&S project. Can't wait to hear about your weekend away. Have fun :)

  7. Ah Dorothy, Lovely work! I'm sure you'll be working on other lovely projects at your retreat!!

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